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About MyPayment Gateway

Welcome to MyPayment Gateway, the ultimate epayment unified solution for laundromats.

With our cutting-edge IoT ePayment system, we are revolutionizing the way you handle transactions.

Join us today and simplify your payment process like never before.

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Zero Cost To Start

Get started with MyPayment Gateway without any upfront costs.

Seamless Transaction

Enjoy a hassle-free payment experience with our seamless transaction process. No app, no download. Just scan QR code and pay!

Flexible Trial Period

Take advantage of our one-month free trial and experience the convenience of MyPayment Gateway.

How To Get Started?

Simplify Your Transaction in Three Easy Steps
Sign Up For Free

Begin your journey by filling out a simple form. It’s quick, easy, and requires no immediate payment. Just provide us with the basics, and you’re on your way to modernizing your transactions.

We'll Lend You the Device

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send our team to instal our IoT ePayment device for the one month trial. There's no cost for the device and no installation fees. We trust you'll find it indispensable, but it's yours to explore with no strings attached.

Enjoy the Convenience

Install our IoT device on your machine and watch your business transform. Enjoy faster, safer, and more reliable transactions. If you love it, great! If not, you can return the device at the end of your trial, absolutely free.

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MyPayment Gateway has revolutionized our payment process.

Laundry Owner at Dengkil

We trust MyPayment Gateway for all our payment needs.

Laundry Owner at Kota Bharu

MyPayment Gateway is the best payment solution out there.

Happy Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

MyPayment Gateway is an IoT ePayment system that allows laundromat owners to accept payments seamlessly. Simply sign up for free, borrow our device, and enjoy the convenience of our system.

No, there is no cost to start using MyPayment Gateway. We offer a one-month free trial for all new users.

After the free trial, you can choose to continue using MyPayment Gateway for a small monthly fee. We offer flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. Or if you decide not to continue, you can return the device to us without any additional cost.

Yes, MyPayment Gateway is compatible with most existing laundromat machines. Our team will assist you in setting up the system.

Absolutely! MyPayment Gateway uses the latest encryption technology to ensure the security of all transactions. Your customers' payment information is safe with us.

We are currently gathering sign-ups for the free trial throughout this month. Once the sign-up period ends, we will start scheduling installations for the following month. Our team will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date.

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