1. Introduction
- These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern the participation in MyPayment Gateway's Free Trial Campaign ("Campaign") for the use of the MyPayment Gateway ePayment system on self-service machines.
- By participating in the Campaign, the merchant ("Merchant") agrees to be bound by these Terms.

2. Eligibility
- The Campaign is open to Merchants operating self-service machines such as laundromats, toy clawing machines, vending machines, etc.
- The Campaign is limited to two devices per Merchant location.

3. Campaign Period
- Sign-ups for the Campaign will commence in November.
- Installation of devices by MyPayment Gateway will be arranged for December across Malaysia.

4. Application Process
- Merchants must submit an application to participate in the Campaign.
- MyPayment Gateway reserves the right to review all applications and reject any application if the information provided is found to be incorrect, false, or misleading.
- Merchants are obligated to provide accurate, current, and complete information during the application process.

5. Installation
- Installation of the IoT device by MyPayment Gateway is provided free of charge during the Campaign.
- Merchants are required to adhere to the installation schedule provided by MyPayment Gateway, and any changes are subject to availability and at the discretion of MyPayment Gateway.

6. Merchant Obligations
- Merchants must ensure their machines are compatible with the MyPayment Gateway IoT device.
- Merchants must not engage in any fraudulent activity or misuse the MyPayment Gateway ePayment system.

7. Payment Terms
- Merchants have the option to receive full payment after one month without registering for an eWallet account.
- Merchants who register and activate an eWallet account with MyPayment Gateway can opt to receive payment in T+2 days; however, this is subject to a one-time activation fee. Details regarding the activation fee will be provided during the registration process.

8. Costs
- There will be no setup fee or subscription fee for the first month of service under the Campaign.

9. Compensation for Damage or Loss
- The Merchant shall be responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of the IoT device(s) installed by MyPayment Gateway.
- In the event of damage or loss of the device(s) due to careless conduct, negligence, or misuse by the Merchant, the Merchant agrees to compensate MyPayment Gateway the original cost of RM499 per device.

10. Termination
- MyPayment Gateway reserves the right to terminate a Merchant's participation in the Campaign at any time if these Terms are not followed.

11. Liability
- MyPayment Gateway will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by any interruption of service.

12. Changes to Terms and Conditions
- MyPayment Gateway reserves the right to modify these Terms without prior notice.

13. Governing Law
- These Terms are governed by the laws of Malaysia.

14. Acceptance of Terms
- Participation in the Campaign constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

15. Contact Information
- For any inquiries regarding the Campaign, Merchants can contact MyPayment Gateway at [email protected]

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