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What is MyPayment Gateway?

MyPayment Gateway is an eWallet unified payment solution for vending/self-service machines in Malaysia and other countries in South East Asia. It provides an option for machine owners to accept payment online without any hassle.

No Need To Download App

You don't have to download app to make the payment. Just scan with a camera / QR scanner and pay.

The Most Popular eWallet Payment Methods Are All Available

Enjoy every major eWallet payment methods. Your customer can choose from a vast major of eWallet payment methods at their choice. 

Seamless Process

A smooth payment experience for your customers. Never let the difficult payment methods deter a sale.            

Receive Payment In 3 Easy Steps.

Simple Ways. No Hassle.

Simply scan the QR code with camera / QR scanner.


Your customer chooses the payment method that works for them.   


Fast and easy web checkout process.

The New Way To Accept Payments

Back End Coding
We Work Hard for Your Money!

We working behind the scenes to provide smooth, reliable and efficient processing.

Front End Collect Money
You Just Need to Relax & Get Paid!

You just need to boost your sales by accepting widely used eWallet payment methods across the country.

Receive Payments With Major eWallet Partners

Enjoy our pre-built integration, save time and grow your business.

Solution For Major Vending Machines

Self Service Laundry
Self-Service Laundry
Vending Machine
Vending Machine
Claw / Crane Machine
Claw / Crane Machine
Vending Massage Chair
Vending Massage Chair
Kiddie Ride
Kiddie Rides Machine
Coin Exchange Machine
Coin / Token Exchange Machine

How To Pay With eWallet?

Click on the video to see the live demo in action.
Payment Demo

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We Had Empowered Them
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Ferringhi Laundry
Calido Holding
The Ship Campus
Dobi Sayangmu

What Our Fantastic Users Say

Coin handling had been a time consuming activity in laundromat business. With MyPayment Gateway, I now have cashless transaction. I reduce cash handling and book keeping work for counting coin, exchange of notes to coin and queueing up to deposit cash at the bank.

Fleex Lee
Laundry Owner at Permas Jaya, Masai

MyPayment Gateway is a perfect solution for my laundry business. The customer support team is always there to help and the transactions are processed quickly and easily! My customers have also been very happy with this service because it makes their lives so much easier.

Amber Choo
Laundry Owner at Gelugor, Penang

MyPayment Gateway is the best eWallet payment solution for self-service laundry businesses. It's actually a game changer, especially for small businesses like mine. With the help of this service, I am finally able to accept cashless payments and now have more time to work on other aspects of my business.

Vinson Chuo
Laundry Owner at Molek, Johor Bahru

I'm the owner of a self-service laundry franchise and I run into a lot of problems with my customers running out of coins. With MyPayment Gateway, customers can pay with their digital wallets! No more coins and no more hassles!

Carrien Lim
Laundry Owner at Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam

We had a student hostel where we are obligated to provide a laundry services for our students. To create a better experience for them and to eliminate all the chaos of handling coins payment, MyPayment Gateway gave us the best solution for the cashless payment. And our student love it.

Aren Ho
Laundry in Charge Person at The Ship Campus, Batu Kawan


You need to have a considerable stable and good speed internet connection in order to able accept eWallet payment for your machines.

We will help you to apply with all the major eWallet service providers at once. You just need to provide us some necessary document and we will handle the rest.

Yes, you can check your daily, weekly or monthly sales from our system. Even you can check your sales by machine, area or location.

You can use the backend system to remote control your machine. Meaning you can start the machine remotely even you are at your home.

Start Accepting eWallet Payments For Your Business Today

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